After more than one month here I am again, filling the page with my wandering thoughts. What has happened?

Nothing special, I just went the usual way – I started big, the road was open and filled with hopes in front of me, I published two posts a week, I thought a lot of what to write the next day, how to improve my blog, I was very active on twitter and then, as I received no feedback what so ever, I quit. Not totally, as now I’m struggling with another project and all the lessons I learned here will be very useful there.

In the end, the feedback was not the problem, but the fact that I realized that my English is terrible and that whoever will, by chance or not, land here will run as quickly as he can after the first paragraph.

Is the Apprentice Blogger dead? No, not for the moment. After I’ll launch my new project, written in my native language, maybe I’ll be back. Until then happy and productive writing!