The Usual Failure

After more than one month here I am again, filling the page with my wandering thoughts. What has happened?

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Blog Name: A Beginner’s Guide

I begin today a series of posts about the lessons I learned or not in the hope that someone will find them useful. First one tries to mirror the importance of choosing a blog name and how a perfect choice might become in the end a beginner’s mistake.

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Why You Don’t Need a Self-Hosted Blog in the Beginning

Are you famous? Do you have more than 10k real followers on the social media? If you do then stop reading. The others follow me in the unveiling of a mistake I’ve already made.

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The Calling of the Mountain (I)

One year ago I was one of the most sedentary person which somehow got lucky and did not exceed by far the “right” BMI, although I must say that I was shocked one day to discover that I couldn’t button a suit jacket that was usually so loose. But let’s elegantly ignore my weight problems.

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My Precious, My Pokemon

After a week in which I struggled to get my blog up and running, I must confess  that my last few days were a little too relaxed, more than they should have been. I stopped thinking of all the technical tricks that a blog is supposed to fulfill in order to be successful and I focused more on the writing part. After the post in which I exposed my first steps I thought that’s enough about blogging and that I should try something else.

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First Trembling Steps

Today a, let’s say, more of a technical post. I’m a little behind chronicling the stages. Without too much introduction the story continues…
In the dawn post I mentioned how I got 2 domain names, the hosting package and that I installed a SSL certificate. And all seems  fine until I discover, that beside the secured site, the unsecured one is still up.

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So what do you need to start blogging? There are so many advices online that you can loose yourself in the maze of recommendations and requirements, but in the end I think that only one, from my point of view, is the most important – the content.

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And It Begins

As boring as watching the grass grow I’m beginning my journey shouting to the world my first post. This should be the blog that will mirror my experience as a starting blogger. I’ll mainly focus on the technical details of what a blog means. I’ll learn as I go and hope to share my experience with you.

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